Saturday, August 02, 2008

Seizure Day

Too early, 6 Am, but he is having seizures. Couple more since yesterday at dinner. He had gotten up around 1:10 AM. Marycke sensed it. Sure enough, he was out in the living room doing puzzles. Marycke took and hid all the keys. I got up with him for 2-4. Then into our bed. I slept in his.

Next morning I am off to fix a computer. Marycke reports he has had two more seizures and may not make it to Rosa’s for his haircut. Sure enough that is what happened. Before I left I checked in his room, and there he was, alseep in mid day. Note, he still brings the hedge trimmer to bed. He also has found my computer vacuum and takes that to bed too.

When I got home around 1 PM, I was tired and took a nap. Two hours later I wake up o find his older sister home. Megan is coming to stay with us a for a month or so. Alex seems happy to see her.

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