Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mickey D's

Starting out with seizures this AM. 7:50 Am and again 8:22 AM. Shortly after that I was able to get him to take his medicine. And he slept till 12:20 with no more episodes.
Now we have decided to go look for trains, stop by Mac Donald and maybe bring along some Mac & Cheese.

We indeed got Mickey D’s and then stayed along the tracks by Whetmore, at the end of the airport run way, but had to wait nearly an hour for a train. During that time he finished on 32oz Diet Coke and we got a refill at the Broadway Mac.

Back to the tracks. Here is the train? There it is! But wait, it is going backwards. There is no engine. Alex thinks that is just too funny. Lots of laughing. Then they crash couple with a loud – bang!

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