Monday, August 11, 2008

Early Night for Alex

Well it is 7:40 PM and Alex has already had meds is asleep.

He had a seizure this AM, 5:33, but then got up on his own around 6 AM. He has stayed up the entire day. We had to have MAC and cheese for breakfast but he had no problem going to The ARC.

I picked him up early, stopped by the house to say hi to Grandpa, and then out to Fiesta Texas again. He was very excited about riding the train, and the horses on the carousel, and then sat and watched the airplanes. After about 20 minutes he finally said he wanted to go on the plane. But alas he was too tall.

But, while waiting, we were near the White Water log rise. He expressed an interest in going. So off we went. And again. And again. Wow he was wet but said he still wanted more. I expected to bring him home and let him get to sleep. Here we are coming down the big drop.

Then we got home and there was a water rise right in our own street! Water main brake.

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