Thursday, November 04, 2004

Day 4

This was another long day. Just having little seizures every 45 minutes. Mom looks real tired. Dad looks like he got sleep. I think they change places tonight. Then Mom will get some sleep.

I'm suppose to go home tomorrow but now I have a bad eye infection.

My new meds are stopping the BIG seizures but not the small ones. Dr. Szabo says it may be 2 weeks before we get control again.

They are going to check the battery in my VNS implant. It probably needs a new one. This page can explain it better than I.

Thanks again for the cards and emails.


Anonymous said...

Neal & Marycke -

Anonymous said...

Neal & Maryke -
How my heart aches for you! Brings back memories of so many nights in the hospital with David. Thanks for letting me know what's going on - I had no idea. I'll send an email to our email prayer group. When I read your email to Bill, he had tears in his eyes.
All I can say is Via con Dios. He is there even when it may seem he's not.
I'm at the end of what words can say. My heart stays with each of you.
Alex, you're a strong felllow - and so good to your mom and dad. I'll be sending an email to the Northwest prayer group to pray for you.
~ jeanie kruyer

Anonymous said...

Neal & Marycke,
We will keep Alex in our prayers all through the night...
Those who love the Lord!

Anonymous said...

Alex, I am amazed at the amount of new technology of today's medicines. I will pray that your medical team of doctors finds the right treatment for you. Keep the faith and God will bring you through most of your tribulations. God Bless your parents also, and I will keep them in my prayers too.

Lloyd, a friend of Joe Matlock. He sent a request for prayers for a fine little guy he knew. I see he gave you a model airplane and yes, he is a fine author.