Saturday, November 01, 2008

Trains & Football

What a great South Texas clear blue sky of a morning. Alex is up early and we are off to the SA Zoo to ride the train. Alex had a grand time and asked to go again We did and then left to go see the BIG trains.

Over near the East yard we picked up several trains and followed them all around the city. Of course we needed to make another stop at Mac Donald’s but he is looking well and may come with me on a service call.

But Mom’s calls in and agrees to pick Alex up while I install a wireless network. The install went better then expected and with 4 hours left in the day we agree to go try and see the Blue Angels. Alex and I travel to the Southside of SA and enjoyed a wonderful air show.

Time for Texas vs Texas Tech football. Alex piles in next to me on the lounger and smiled every time he heard a whistle blow. It took a couple weeks but he finally did decide he want to wear his whistles again. He did not want to eat Pizza but did eat a BIG plate of Cheddar Chez Its, Mixed Nuts and cubes of chunk cheese.

Near 10 PM now and Alex seems a little woozy. So he will spend the night with Marycke just in case he has seizures. I stayed up late and watched a great game, won by Tech with 1 second in the game!

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