Thursday, November 27, 2008


What a great Thanksgiving we had. Alex did start off the day with 2 early morning seizures but was up, showered and dressed by noon. He watched airplane and train video for an hour or so and then his sisters arrived.

We were joined by both Megan and Malinda along with their significant others, Efrin and Chris. Malinda and Chris had actually come down Tuesday evening. Wednesday they took Alex to ride the Zoo train and then went to Sonic near Walker Ranch. After lunch they strolled through the park as it is in the airport flight path. It affords a great viewing point for airplanes landing. And being the day before Thanksgiving Day, the number of planes was very high.

We had our meal about 2 PM as Malinda and Chris were going to the Texas vs Texas A&M game, in Austin, 7 PM. Marycke, as usual, made a fantastic meal. Our blessings were so bountiful we totally forgot the Tomato and Feta salad. But we had more then enough with the green beans, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, stuffing, turkey and gravy.

After dinner we retired to the living room and got to watch Dallas beat Seattle. Some fine apple pie with ice cream, or perhaps a slice of pecan pie with whipped cream, and we got to watch Texas beat A&M. No need for dinner but Alex and I did get to go look for trains. And we found one. Woo woo!

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