Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Doctor Visit

Well we are off to see the Doctor. Alex has again gotten a fever. Now at 102. We have given Tylenol and Benedryl but they have not helped.

Alex has gotten a rash. And along with the fever our Doctor want to see him. Marycke thinks it may have been the additives she has been putting in the smoothies.

Yeah! He is over 100 lbs again. Still not eating much more then smoothies and Ensure but at least he is not loosing more weight.

Meanwhile, Sophie continues to be very interested in Alex. Always trying to play with him. And when he has seizures she seems to know something is wrong. She comes over and licks his face or lies on top of him.

She is getting so big. She also is loosing her baby teeth and chewing on EVERYTHING. I always seem to have only one shoe. So Marycke went and got her a BIG bone. She seems to enjoy it!

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