Saturday, May 13, 2006

Road Trip

Hey this is early but Dad got me up at 7 AM to leave and go get Grandpa. Then we are driving to Austin to get my sister Megan (Hopefully some Mac Donalds along the way.)

Grandpa and I take some time to relax and enjoy a coke while the girls get ready.

From there we are driving to Abilene to see Malinda, my next older sister. She is having her birthday and graduating from Abilene Christian University.

So after a great lunch everyone went to graduation. I stayed and did puzzles with a friend of Malinda's.

Here is everyone after the ceremony. At this school a parent, Mom, also participates. At one point int he ceremony they put the ribbon around their neck. It is kinda of a symbol of passage and graduation.

Sister Megan had a grand time. She went around cracking 'cascarones' (hollowed eggs that have been filled with confetti.) on graduates heads. Mostly those from San Antonio where people follow the same tradition during Fiesta.

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