Tuesday, February 28, 2006

School Update

Alex did great on Tuesday. He put together a new 100 piece puzzle that I was having a very hard time helping with. Mostly he wanted to do it himself anyway. Alex made a splattered paint birthday card for Miss Connie's birthday which is coming up soon. The machine goes round and round, the student dumps in different colors and amounts of paint and then we sprinkled glitter on it. He liked it once he got going.
Dianne Reser

Morning all,
Alex seems a little tired, but maybe because we had a busy weekend. He did have single seizures Friday and Saturday nights, but none last night. Friday night we went along FM78 chasing trains.

Then Saturday, after the expected rain did not appear we went to the Zoo for a train ride. Then Sunday we went to the TMM. Right there on Whetmore at Wurzbach Parkway. I am Life member 599 and Alex is number 600. We joined about 12 years ago.

Another neat thing was Alex used a couplet on Saturday. He was asking for Coke but not using his words. So I ask him to "Use your words. Do you what a drink?" He shakes his head. "No use your words." "Say, I want" But this time he repeats "I want" then a pause, "Coke"

We have not had him say a couplet for a long time. Hope you all continue to work on that. Especially encouraging him to use his words.

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