Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cold Weekend

Morning all,
Alex had a good weekend. No seizures.
We kinda of had a ‘guys’ weekend as Mom was in Abilene listening to daughter #2 sing in a Song Festival. So Alex and I spend most of Saturday and Sunday inside, by the fire, doing puzzles and watching tapes of our train adventures.
Saturday night we did venture out to Burger King and a little train chasing near Brackenridge. But it was too cold to have the windows down.

We finished off at HEB where Alex enjoyed pushing the cart, picking up pieces of paper and getting the receipt from the cashier. Where ever we go he enjoys ‘paying’ and really likes it when he gets change back. He has learned to give me the receipts and change while the bills get put in his pocket. (This works fine for Mom as she lays claims to all money that ends up going through the wash.)
Any way, have a warm and fuzzy day.

Here is Alex, his puzzles, his coffee and his dog, Abby enjoying our weekend fire.

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