Thursday, December 08, 2005

12-5 thru12-8

Cold enough? Hey feels like back in Michigan. Anyway, Alex had a fun night. We lost power from 6-8 PM. So we made a fire in the fire place. That was great fun. Then is AM trying to get him up, I say, ‘Alex, remember last night we had a fire?” And still with his eyes closed to hands come together and sign – more. We are happy not to have had seizures. And that the drooling is less. I even forgot to put a wrist band on this morning. That was nice he got to deliver pies. It appears one whistle is missing from the lanyard. Just so you he did leave home without it. Have a great day.

Morning, Alex had a good night. He helped a little with Christmas decorations. Slept well. And no seizures. This morning, he was a little hard to get up. But he choose French toast over cheese and egg omelet. Ate 3 pieces and had some coffee. The bus arrived but he seemed distracted. He was not focused on getting on the bus. Hmmm….

He had a good breakfast and we are waiting on the bus. There is lunch money and movie funds in his backpack. We also sent in an extra coat.

Alex did well today. I showed a little bit of a Harry Potter movie so they prepare for the field trip on Monday. He chose to do lacing and puzzles. We all noticed that drooling was very limited in language arts class today. Sheila Ory

Alex had a great weekend. His sister was down from Austin. He always enjoys seeing Megan. Last night he went out with Grandpa while Marycke, Megan, & I attended a wedding. Those two boys always seem to have a great time at Mac Donald’s and the airport. Anyway, no seizures, nice cool weather, enjoy your day.

Reply: Sounds like he is off to a great start for this week. It is good that he is so strong and willing. Lane

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