Friday, December 02, 2005

11-28 thru12-02

Alex had a good night. Slept well. He got up fairly well this AM He ate a good breakfast of 3 French toast, sausage and some coffee. A big. ‘hello’, as his grandpa came in. Right now we are disagreeing on whether the vacuum cleaner hose goes in the back pack or stays home. I elected the later.

I am happy that Alex gave you the option of choosing the later. Have a super weekend. Lane

Alex was absorbed in his number puzzle and lacing activity most of the period. He got a little short with other students who tried to get him to agree that Santa is nice. When they would say "Santa"...he'd yell back "Yucky". After hearing "yucky" twice they finally stopped trying to convince him that Santa is nice. Sheila Ory

Yeah well, Alex did have a seizure last night. Around 9 PM, just as he was going to the bathroom. But he only had the one. This morning he was a little hard to get up. But once up, he ate well and seemed pretty good. I would expect more drooling today. And maybe a couple ‘staring spells’.
Enjoy your day.

Here comes the boy! Alex had a good night and seems ready for work this AM. He ate well and then was more than happy to go out and wait on the bus. He found 3 Orange leaves. Of which he is very proud! Have a great day.

Glad things went well yesterday. Alex came home without his coat and minus 2 whistles. Maybe they can make it today. He had a good night. Woke up well and ate a good breakfast. Have fun.

Welcome back. We hope everyone had a pleasant holiday. Alex did very well. Only a couple single seizures over the past week. He enjoyed having his sisters here and then Turkey day was fun. He is back into ‘trucks’ and big machines. He watched his tapes of the CAT machines over and over.

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