Monday, June 29, 2009


Well it is nearing 7 PM and lately Alex has been having seizures close to 8 PM (like yesterday). So we leave the beach with a promise to return tomorrow. Up at the house, Alex once again wants to lead Sophie around on her leash. He enjoys that while we unpack the car and try and get all the sand off us.

After showers Mom fixes Alex sausages, Mac & Cheese and crackers for dinner. He eats it all without us having to force him. I took off and got BBQ for Mom and I. Then we spent the rest of the evening watching Hotel for Dogs. It was fun to see Alex actually watching a video. And even Sophie seemed to enjoy the movie. But about 20 minute into the show Sophie fell asleep.

Hopefully Alex has a good night. This time we switched beds and Alex slept with Mom. The night before I was too hot and Alex would not let me turn on the over head fan. If I turn down the air, Marycke says she hears the fan running and can not sleep. So this time Alex and Mom are together and Neal gets a bed and a fan to himself.

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