Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ice Cream

Ice cream! Yes Alex is back to liking ice cream. This week he came home from school with a note saying Alex had had an ice cream Sunday and really enjoyed it.
So that night we asked if he wanted ice cream. A strong quick shake of the head let us know he wanted ice cream!
Next morning as I was asking him if he wanted bacon - no; sausage - No!; he grabs my wrist and pulls me over to open the freezer. Once open he points down to the Blue Bell ice cream.
No way! Sorry my friend, no ice cream for breakfast.
He continued to ask for ice cream the whole week. He even once agreed to pull in to DQ for a Heath bar blizzard. It has been 3-4 years since he showed interest in ice cream.
To funny. Change the meds, change the appeal of various foods.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Made it through a night without seizures. Alex looks good and ready for school.
We had a triple play weekend. A seizure Friday AM of course but then he made it to school. Then 11:30 and 5 AM Saturday so he got DIASTAT and slept till 2 PM

Then Sunday AM another one in the early morning, but he got up by 11 AM. Thankfully none last night so perhaps you will have a good day.
We did get to go looking for trains yesterday. But we only saw a couple stopped ones. But Alex did enjoy the cows and has decided to once again ‘talk to them’. Alex hangs his head out the window, says, ‘Uhhhhhhhhhh!” and then follows with a big ‘COW!’

Marycke and I have noticed with the change of meds Alex seems to want to communicate more. Then yesterday he mad coffee on his own (a little strong) and then spend most of the evening in front of the oven getting whomever would walk by, to help him set the timer. He would watch it count down and then 2-3 minutes later get the beep! Then reset it to go again. For sure he did that for more than 2 hours last night.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Double Seizure Morning

Well, no DIASTAT on Friday AM, but this morning he had seizures 1:30 AM and again at 6 AM, so Marycke has given him DIASTAT. Guess we will have a quiet day at the Sahver house.

Yesterday he had a seizure 6:34 AM but was up later and able to go to school. Once he got home, we got a visit from Jennie. She is his case worker for Hill Country Service. They provide him with his medicaid.

Of couse with those fingers forming an 'M' and pinting down I knew he was mor einterested in going to Mac Donald's then getting his picture taken.