Saturday, December 22, 2007

Morning Moanings

It's early on a Saturday morning. Nearly 4:30 AM. I am working in the offie and as always I have the intercom on. I here Alex russling in his bed. It is getting louder and louder. Now he is snorting. Bummer! First day of the CHrsitmas holiday and he is having a seizure. I am up out of my chair, through on the hallway light, trying to decide whether to wake Marycke or allow her to sleep. Into Alex's room I barge, throw on the lights, and whoa! He is sitting up in bed, no seizing but laughing. I guess he had passed some gas and was laughing - not seizing. So off go the lights. He gets a little back rub from Dad. And I am back in the office. Thankful that there was no seizure and we all may have an enjoyable Christmas. We hope you all have a great time as well.

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