Thursday, July 19, 2007

Night Seizures

It's early Thursday morning (1:06 AM) and Alex just had a seizure. It was not very long nor very hard. So I figure we 'missed a bullet'.

But then comes the second one (1:16) and a very hard seizures. So I pull back the sheets and wait for it to end. I lasted about 4 minutes and then came the tell tale sign of Alex emptying his bladder. This is not unusual but sometimes we are able to get him up and to the bathroom before he wets the bed.

But not this time. So once the seizures stop I have to try and strip him down, give him a sponge bath, strip the bed, redress him and put on new sheets. Whew! Sure miss Marycke. She has gotten very good at doing this.

Now the bad part is usually he is in his bed which is only a double but I had him sleeping with me in a King. So the bed mat cannot be cleaned in our washer dryer. Oh well, off to the laundry mat tomorrow.

I did have to give him a 20 mg dose of Diastat. But then after that he went into his 'antsy' 'walk about' routine. This is where Alex is disorientated and will not lay down. He gets up and starts walking the halls. All the way out to the livingroom, then back, then to his room, then to Grandpas office. After 30 minutes of this I get him to lay down and he falls asleep (thank you Diastat).

I too get to sleep and how he does not have a second seizure.

Yeah he made it through the night without a second seizure.


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