Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Night Fun

I watched the dvd it was great. You were very near where I live in Marion. I live 2 blocks from the railroad tracks Alex would love that. I recognized 78 near Schertz. Alex also did a great job fueling the car. Please send us more.
Linda Perkins

Alex seemed to enjoy the Fiesta party given by student council today during 3rd pd.
He even held the bat and swung at the pineda several times (with help). Mrs. Ory
Marycke Shaver wrote:
Morning folks,
Alex had a good night. No seizures.
He was much easier to get up this AM and he had a big ‘hello’ for his grandpa.
He ate a good breakfast and is ready for the bus.
Hope you have a fine day.
No trains last night so we had to watch the planes:

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