Sunday, June 29, 2008

Port A pictures

More from the beach at Port Aransas

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Port A

Off we go to the Coast! Okay they have sand dunes but not like these they showed in the brochure. A friend has lent us their house for the weekend. It is Marycke's birthday on the 29th. We get down in the evening but have time to take Alex down to see the beach. He is very excited. But we explain he has to go to sleep first.

Next morning Alex got up very early, 6:30 and started right away with - beach, beach, beach. Marycke got breakfast down him, meds, lots of SPF50 and then we were 'off to the beach.' I took him down and Marycke joinded us around 9:30.

We stayed till Noon. Drove around Port A. They have a Ferry connecting to Rockport. It is really fun, free and sometimes we see dolphins by the sea wall.

After the ferry we had lunch and a everyone took a nap. Alex fell right asleep. After he got up we went back to the beach for more swimming. He has a great time standing in the waves, point to the 3 rd sandbar and saying, 'beach!' . What he really wants is bigger waves.

We had seen lots of photos from Port A's annual Beach Fest but this weekend no one was building them like these.

Next morning Alex was ready for the beach!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Frio Wedding

School is over. MAC has asked if Alex wants to participate. We tell them no. We do not think Alex recognizes graduation. And crossing the stage wit all those folks.. Oh well we know.

Karessa Laxson, a neighbor’s daughter is getting married in Concan, along the Frio river. We have book 3 nights and the girls are coming down from Austin to join us. I got a Wii for father’s day and plan to bring it down. Maybe the boys of the girls can teach us how to play.

Alex had a good time. He did not really think the river was the same as the beach. We only got him down to the river 2 times. He did okay but kept saying, ‘beach’.

We did not last the 3 nights as night 2 Alex had seizures. We kind of expected it. So we packed up and headed back into San Antonio.