Friday, June 29, 2007

Much Better

Alex had a much better night and day. No more seizures or after effects. He has spent the day with Mom and Grandpa. Neal has been out servicing computers.

Mom, that is Marycke, has her birthday today. Neal and her got to go out for breakfast and Alex signed a card for her. He used his standard Big A, Giant L, and X that goes of the page and then finally a tiny e, somewhere near the middle. I am just glad he can sign the card.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Didn't make it

Bummer, school called and Alex is down with the nurse. He has been lethargic all morning and just could no do any work. Marycke went over and brought him home.

Once home he continued to be act loopy and is very unstable. He takes a couple steps, leans left or right, bumps a wall and then laughs about it.

We finally got him to get back in bed and sleep for a while. He got up around dinner time and seems much improved. Hope everything goes well tonight!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Seizure Night

Well, Alex had break through seizures. We had expected something. After all it had been nearly 10 days.

11:53 PM he had his first Tonic Clonic (TC), starting on the right side.

Then 1:15 Am and he had his second. Marycke administered 20 mg of Diastat to stop the seizures.

This worked okay but he was too sleepy then next morning to go to school so he will spend most of the day in bed. With a few of his favorite things - hedge trimmer and extension cord.

Not our first choice but better than seizing.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rain, rain, rain

No beach again. This has been a really wet Summer for South Texas. So Marycke and I spent the day cleaning out the garage. Alex helped where he could.

Around 2 PM, a sudden storm came in, and caught Alex out with his trucks and shovels. Drop drop drop came the rain and Alex started laughing. He was really enjoy the down pour. This is unsual as just 2 years ago he would have been streaming about his clothes getting wet. Now the rain come and he has no problem. In fact he goes in and gets the umbrella. Stands in the garage searching for more ran.

Too funny!

Later the sun came out and we got to go look for airplanes. There's one!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Root Canal

Alex had to visit the dentist today. He had to have a root canal and crown put on. Back in the end of February he stumbled while walking across the blacktop at school. Not knowing to put out his hands to break his fall he landed face first seriously damaging one or more of his teeth. Marycke went and got him and rushed him over to our dentist, Mike Majors. Mike put on a temporary crown. It has been very difficult to find a dentist that has an anesthesiologist on staff. But finally we are here!

The Doc was able to do the root canal and place a half crown on the tooth. He thinks the one to the left may also be cracked. On the plus side, they checked the rest of Alex's teeth and did not find any cavities. Perhaps it is all the saliva or that Alex does not eat sweets but we are thankful his teeth are okay. Sinc ehe was sedated, they went ahead and put sealants on the back teeth.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Seizure morning

Surprise, 7:30 AM and Alex just had a seizure. Not too often we get one early in the morning like this. But then again he had a strange night.

Alex got to have dinner with his Grandpa. Marycke and I went to the open house at Mac Arthur High School. There we met with Ms Higgins (pictured left) and visited with one of his classmates, Mason. There are 10 boys in Summer school this year. No girls.

Alex works on five different areas but doe not leave campus. He attends 8Am to 12 PM. Marycke takes him but he comes home on the bus. That rise alone is almost 1 hour.

With a 3 to 1 ration of student to teacher we are hoping he can advance more than during the year. They are working on writing and math this week.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Late Night

Man, 3 AM and Alex is still awake. I went to his room to sleep and have allowed him to crawl into my bed.

Marycke said she had already put him back to bed several times last night. I finally switched with him around 12 midnight.

Alex spend the evening with his Grandpa. They went to the Blue Catus Cafe for some BBQ as it is close to the train tracks and has good smoked sausage. Alex ate over 1/2 pound and wanted more.

But Grandpa had to get him hope for medicine. They never did see trains but Alex had fun anyway.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Diastat Day

Well after nearly 10 days without a seizure, Alex did break through last night. Marycke reports he had a seizure around 4:30 AM. As seizures go it was fairly mild. But then at 6:30 AM he had a very strong tonic clonic. So she administered 20 Mg DIASTAT.

Lately (last 4 times) this new routine of administering DIASTAT after the 1st seizure seems to have helped Alex in his recovery. In the past we had always waited 4-5 seizures and then given DIASTAT. The of course he was tired or wasted the rest of the day. We had always assumed that was the after effect of the drug. Now we think it was the strain on his body that caused Alex to sleep for the next 20-30 hours.

Hopefully this will clear his system for another 7-10 days. If all goes well we plan on a trip to the Texas coast. Alex loves the beach!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Alex is still enjoying the Summer break from school. He is sleeping in till 11-12 o'clock and then gets to go with Mom to look at 'cat machines', eat at Wendy's or today, go with Grandpa to the Zoo train.

Alex still loves trains. And today Grandpa took him for a couple of train rides. Then they went to Whataburger for chicken strips and cream gravy. Funny how Alex will eat different foods when he is with different people. We notice too, at school, the aides will mention Alex ate this or tried this, but at home - nope! No tacos, no Jello... who knows.

Anyway, we are glad Grandpa can be here. Alex really enjoys his time with him. Today is day 10 without a seizure. So as usual he will sleep with either Marycke or myself. It seems he has most of his seizures at night. We are hoping the weather holds and Alex gets past this next seizure so we can take him to the beach Saturday.

Tonight he watched his train tapes, did some puzzles and had lots of decaf coffee. He enjoys makin and drinking coffee. We did ask the neurologist if caffenine had an effect on seizures. But he was not sure. Oh well, love that complex brain!