Monday, April 30, 2007

Seizure Day

Morning all,
Alex had a good weekend but then had seizures last night and this AM.
So no Alex today.
We are trying new procedures and hope not to repeat the last two experiences of multiple seizures.
We shall see.
Hope you all had a good weekend.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nice Day

Alex had a good night. No problems. He liked all the 'Booms' but then slept through the worst part of last night's storms.
He got up on his own again this AM. We worked on him dressing himself and then he had a good breakfast.
Grandpa got him on the bus and I guess by now he is with you all.
For tomorrow, Marycke will bring lunch for Alex. Thanks Lane.
Today she will pick him up for horseback.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Much better

Morning all,

Alex had a great night. He really seems back to normal.

We went and watched planes last night. And all day he has been asking about trains. When he says ‘Bot’ that means the trains are ‘Stopped’

He got up on his own this morning. 20 minutes earlier than normal. So we had a nice relaxing breakfast, coffee and even time for puzzles.

Hope this makes it to everyone I am trying out Marycke’s new laptop.

Monday, April 23, 2007

A slow this AM

Yeah, Alex made it on the bus.
He seemed to improve late Friday and by Sunday AM was pretty much himself. However his sleep pattern was way off. Alex was staying up to 1-2 AM. Friday he did not go to sleep to 5:30 AM! He continued with weird sleep patterns, even through last night.
So this morning he was hard to wake up. And even harder to dress. Each time I would put on one sock or get one leg through his pants, he would slide off my shoulder and be back flat on the bed, eyes closed.
He slept ate through 2 waffles and some sausage. But after two cups of coffee and some squawking at the dog, he was ready to get on the bus.
Hope all goes well today.
We did get a phone call from NEISD about papers being sent home with our child. Did we miss something?
Have a great day

Friday, April 20, 2007

Still recovering

Morning gang,
No Alex again. He never went to sleep last night. Still up doing a puzzle right now.
I took him to the table to eat but he refused. Also, every 2 -3 steps he takes, Alex loses his balance and has to grab the counter or wall.
So I figure no way he should go to school. Marycke is checking with the Doctor for ideas.
Sure is a high price to pay for 15 days without seizures. Hope he sees you all Monday.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Seizure Day

No Alex again,
Last night he had a rough time getting to sleep. So I am letting him sleep in.
Yesterday he spent most of the day sleeping and drooling. We did get 3-5 minute periods of lucidity but then he would try and stand up and then stumble around, then back to the floor.
I figure with you all of campus, you did not have to deal with all that. So he will stay home another day.
Hope you are having a good time.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Still recoverying

Close, but no cigar!
No Alex again today. We got him up and to the table but now after 30 minutes he has only eaten 1/2 of one French toast, one bite of sausage and dropped 2 spoons of medicine on the floor.
So, it's not fair to send him in for your field trip. Maybe tomorrow will be better.
Have a great day.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Happy Birthday

Well Alex turned 20 today and spent the day having seizures.
I suppose we will just have to plan on another day to celebrate.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Major Seizures

Morning folks,

Sorry to report, no Alex. We did go nearly 2 weeks without a seizure but all day Sunday he more than made up for the missed ones.

Saturday night while Marycke was out, Alex came to me in the office and said 'Yuck.' I responded, 'Ut oh, did you go pooh? Let me check you pants.'

This is because usually if he does not wipe himself and gets some on his short he tells me, 'Yuck.' But not the shorts look clean.

Again Alex gets closer and says, 'Yuck.'/ Okay lets go check. We walk back to the bathroom and - he has thrown up. Now Alex does not do this too often so I guess he really does not know what to do when he feels sick. But he did help me clean everything up and seemed okay.

An hour later Mom comes home. We tell her this story and all seems okay. Another hour later and he hear an 'unusual noise' in the hallway. Sure enough Alex has tossed his cookies again. 'Yuck.'

Anyway, probably more than Marycke want me to share, but later that night, around midnight, he started having seizures. Fast forward to morning and I learn from Marycke that he has had six seizures since midnight and wet the bed two times. So we transfer him back to his bed and start the wash. An hour later he has another, an another, every hour for four more hours and another wet bed.

We had already given him 2 Diastats so the ER was the next choice. Finally, 5 PM Sunday was the last seizure but he is still sleeping this AM.

Tomorrow he turns 20. And you all have a field trip. We expect to make it. Marycke wanted to make cupcakes. Is that okay? If so, how many? Can we include candles since it will be off campus?

We thought everyone was going to be asked to bring something. We do not remember getting a note. Anything else we can bring?

Enjoy your day we will see you tomorrow.