Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday 9-11

Morning all,

Alex had a great weekend. He came home very happy Friday, did music therapy and then bugged me through out the weekend to take him to see trains or planes.

We did both many times over.

Then each night going to bed and even when I thought he was asleep (1:26 AM, 2:37 AM, 4:25 AM) he would call out form his bed, ‘Train. Train.’

I refer to this as his ‘manic state’. The seizures have cleared and everything is very vivid to him. He really enjoyed his food, wanted to do puzzle after puzzle, talk on the phone to his sister and constantly brought me my wallet and glasses (his way of saying we need to go look for planes and trains).

This morning he is a little more subdued. But he ate well (eggs and cheese) and is ready for the bus. His hand jerked several times when he was eating but I think that was just part of the waking up process.

Thanks for the puzzle books. Were they to remain with us?

He has money for bowling in his backpack.

Hope you have a grand day.