Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Back to School

Well, it is mid week and I have gotten back to normal, sleeping and eating normally, wanting Mac Donalds and watching trains. So Dad figure, on the bus and off to see my friends at Mac Arthur High School.

Still no seizures. And my eye infection is all gone. Mom says I forgot some of the things that were important to me and now seem more interested in other things. For example, I do not care about the washing machine and am not putting puzzles together. But I love watching football and wearing my whistle.

Anyway, I'm ready for school

Getting my seat upfront on the bus. Posted by Hello

Back at school. Posted by Hello

Monday, November 08, 2004

Doing Okay

Things are returning to normal. I have not had any seizures and my eye is clearing up. Dad is taking me to Mac Donalds and maybe to watch trains. Yeah!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

That's all folks

Well, that week can go down as one lost. We stopped three drugs, induced the 40+ seizures, got over 35 video clips and EEG readings, took a sort of good MRI, slept a lot, got woke up every 4 hours for 'vitals', got taken off 3 drugs, then put back one, spent nearly 12 hours having a seizure evry 10 minutes, added a new drug, then added back a 2nd old one, got an eye infection, lost 8-10 lbs, but mostly...

I got LOTS of HUGS well wishes, personal visits, emails, prayers, cards, balloons and love, from all of you. For that I will always be grateful.

Now I hope to return to school and resume a 'normal' life.

PS. As things progress I will update my blog from time to time.

Wow! Nice balloons. They came from friends at 1000 Oaks Elementary. Posted by Hello

Here I am. Home and very happy to have my whistle back. Posted by Hello

Ah... nothing like coming into your Home Sweet Home. Posted by Hello

Ok, lets blow this pop stand! Take me home James. Posted by Hello

Coming Home

I am home! Yeah! I like my Dog, ballons, a shower, the opener, all my favorite things are still here. No one thought to explain to me that I would be getting them all back.

The Doc released me around 7 PM. Then we dashed to HEB for meds. And now home for more sleep.

Good stuff. Still with the one eye closed. Posted by Hello

Day 6

I still slept most of the day. I had not siezaures overnight but then had one around 7:30 AM. I can go home today but only if I get up and move around. I really don't want to.

Hey, that sounds like Football on TV. What is Dad watching? A&M vs Oklahoma. I want my whistle. So Dad calls Mom and she brings my whistle and Mac Donalds... Life is good!

Okay I am up! Dad was watch football, A&M vs Oklahoma and I heard that whistle blow. Then we sat by the window looking for helicopters. Posted by Hello

Over Night

Dad stayed with me again last night. This time he said I no seizures. Then morning came and around 7:30 I had a tonic clonic. But only one. So Dr. Szabo is still talking about me getting released today. But not until I get out of bed and maybe eat something.

Maybe if I just keep them closed no one will put in more medicine. Posted by Hello

Mom tries to clear the gunk from my eyes. This infection makes everything blurry. Posted by Hello

Friday, November 05, 2004

Day 5 - Friday

Last night was the worst so far. Since I am not a candidate for surgery the Doc is now trying to build up my medication levels.

Dad says, around 10 PM last night, I starting having 'small seizures' every 10 minutes, till just before 4 AM. Then I had the BIG ones again.

After 3 within 45 minutes the rousted the Doc out of bed. And he decided I needed Ativan again. Now in the past, this drug had stopped the seizures. So Dad got out his pillow and was ready to finally goto sleep. Nope - I had 3 more hard seizures.

Dad stayed there holding my hand and finally I fell asleep around 7:30 AM. Mom came in to relieve Dad. The Doctor came in and figures I will have to stay 1 maybe 2 more days. He is a little concerned I have not eaten anything since Noon Monday, nor have I had any liquids other than the IVs.

My VNS is not working but they can not replace it during this stay. We will have to get another Doctor and come to the hospital again.

Guess I will not be going home today. Posted by Hello

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Day 4

This was another long day. Just having little seizures every 45 minutes. Mom looks real tired. Dad looks like he got sleep. I think they change places tonight. Then Mom will get some sleep.

I'm suppose to go home tomorrow but now I have a bad eye infection.

My new meds are stopping the BIG seizures but not the small ones. Dr. Szabo says it may be 2 weeks before we get control again.

They are going to check the battery in my VNS implant. It probably needs a new one. This page can explain it better than I.

Thanks again for the cards and emails.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

All night into Day 2

All night Dad stayed up to record my seizures. He pushes a button which sends in the nurses to take my vital signs. I had some where between 17 and 24 seizures. Dr. Szabo feels he got looks of good pictures and EEGs. He thinks I should have a SPECT scan.

In the morning, it is ore seizures, then hurry up and wait. Several people have stopped in to say high. A number of elders, ministers and friends have offered prayers.

We are waiting on transportation, because we are waiting on the anithesiologist who is stuck in ER, who is waiting for the nurses to administer the radioactive isotopes which are late because they are one urse short (waiting on her too) and the gentlemen across from me is having seizures too.

At this hopsital they have 6 rooms with video cameras and EEG recording. They have 2 more down in pediactrics and one in ICU. One guy watches all the screens. If Dad pushes the button and forgets to move from infront of the camera or pull back my sheets, a voice comes in from the ceiling, "Please move away from the camera." It is funny and makes Mom jump.

We finally get down to Imaging and they can not know me out. I keep moving, snoring or talking. They give me more drugs and the Dr. Has to put something in my nose. He stays with me for the whole SPECT.

I will go to recovery and Dad when home (he has not been asleep yet.) I hope he will post up some pictures and write a note.

I'll have more tomorrow.

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Incoming - Day and Night! Cool! Posted by Hello

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What you a mean just a few more wires? Posted by Hello

Man, this is more wire than under my Dad's computer desk. Posted by Hello